print & promotional marketing

Oops ... you've caught me with my coat on... but now you're here let me tell you a little about nhppm and what we do all day...

We're into common sense marketing - providing our Clients with just the marketing bits they need without the expensive waffle they don't. We love what we do and we are particularly passionate about:

Creating brand identities - because everything you put out needs to look the business - and be recognisable as yours!    

Developing great marketing strategy - your logo may look good, but it's not enough is it... are you effective at finding customers and getting them to put their hands in their pockets? Simple strategies that link together usually work best - and we can help you with those.  

Designing fantastic marketing material - sounds obvious, but you need good designers and creative people who understand how production processes work to get the best possible end result.

Printing all kinds of stuff - stationery, low volume digital, long run magazines, leaflets. posters, vehicle graphics, large format point of sale and everything in between. Our expert production knowledge means we know just where to get it, how it should be produced and how much to pay for it!     

... and getting it out there with a bang! - in the press, at events and exhibitions, in-store, door to door or through the post.   

We do all this with great passion and empathy for your budget. We'll act as a one-stop shop for your marketing needs or as consultants to your business.

... and we've done it for over 20 years, producing work for a loads of household names you'll recognise as well as for some fledgling stars of tomorrow - including retailersrestaurants & pubs, charities, freight carriers, entertainment companies, manufacturing & industrial companies, food & drink brands, luxury brands - and even some leading marketing agencies!

Why not find out what nhppm can do for you... We're based in Crawley, Sussex and we'd love to talk...

Call us on   01293 88 45 45   ....   or email us at